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Tap -
The leaving of a single pin on an apparent perfect shot.

Tapered -
Refers to any hole in which the upper diameter of the hole is larger than the bottom.

Target -
Where on the bowling lane the bowler is looking to place the ball.

Target Arrows -
Sighting targets embedded in the lane to help the player align start position. Usually 15' down the lane from the foul line.

Taxi -
The shout used when a bowlers misses their mark by a large margin...sometimes in association with conducting an "area check".

Telephone poles -
Very heavy pins.

Thin hit -
A light hit in the pocket or on any spare.

Three Hundred Game -
The highest single game score achievable in tenpin bowling.

Three quarter roller -
1) Semi-roller.
2) A ball that tracks outside of the thumb and finger holes.

Thumb slug -
A plastic or urethane cylinder used because of its smooth consistent surface that is inserted and glued into a drilled hole in the ball. It is then drilled where your normal thumb hole would be.

Thumb weight -
An imbalance in a bowling ball which effectively makes the half of the ball containing the thumb heavier than the half containing the fingers, separated by the midline.

Tight kickbacks -
very solid rigid sides resulting in more bounce of the pins; desirable for higher scores.

Tight lanes -
1) Lanes that do not hook much.
2) Oily, stiff, heavily conditioned or, icy lane conditions.

Tilt the five -
A weak pocket hit where the ball deflects too much are just barely knocks over the five pin.

Timing -
The relationship between your arrival at the foul line and the release.

Topping the ball -
A release that occurs when fingers come over the top of the ball and causes an ineffective spinner type roll.

Top weight -
Drilling of a ball so that there is more weight above the label than there is below; it is considered a positive weight

Track -
Area of bowling ball that makes contact with the surface during its path down the lane. Because of revolving motion, this area is usually in the form of a ring or rings around the ball.

Track flare -
The result of the migration of a bowling ball from the bowler's axis of rotation to the balls Preferred Spin Axis.

Track flare management -
The concept of regulating the position of the flare intersections and the amount of flare.

Translational energy -
Ball traveling down the lane towards the pins.

Triple gutter -
Three gutter balls in a roll; time to back up and just go home!

Triplicate -
Three scores exactly the same

Tripped four -
A hit that is a little high in the pocket that seems to leave the 4 pin, but the 2 pin comes off the sideboards to trip it over.

Trophy -
A non monetary prize or memento, such as a gilded statue on a wood base, cup, or plaque, received as a symbol of victory.

Trophy league -
Money won't be awarded to the league's winners, only a non monetary prize or memento, such as a gilded statue on a wood base, cup, or plaque, received as a symbol of victory.

Trophy tournament -
Money won't be awarded to the tournament's winners, only a non monetary prize or memento, such as a gilded statue on a wood base, cup, or plaque, received as a symbol of victory.

Trophies only -
Money won't be awarded to the league's or tournament's winners, only a non monetary prize or memento, such as a gilded statue on a wood base, cup, or plaque, received as a symbol of victory.

True Positive Axis Point (True PAP) -
The axis point for a bowler taken from a minimum track fare potential ball.

True span -
Distance from edge of thumb hole nearest to center to edge of finger holes nearest to center, including all inserts and/or grips. See also Full Span, Actual Span.

Tug the ball -
Pulling or yanking the ball high on the headpin or crossing over.

Turkey -
Three strikes in a row.

Turkey buzzard -
Three splits in a row.

Turn -
The hand actions lateral movement at the release point.

Tweener -
A player that has more accuracy and less power than a cranker, with more power than a straight player.

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