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Volume 1, Issue 1

By Angel Zobel-Rodriguez

      When people ask me if I play sports, I say "Yes, I bowl." After a blank stare, the next question is "Why bowling?" The answer is usually too long to summed up so I come up with something cute like "As far as I know, there isn't a twelve-step program created yet."

But really, "Why bowling?"

      First of all, it's the only sport you can take from nearly the cradle to the grave. Children as young as two compete in league and that competition runs all the way to senior citizen leagues. You get a taste of putting with miniature golf courses, but it's not the same game. Secondly, it's the only sport where all the generations can participate together. Last time I checked, there's an age restriction to play Little League, and playing tennis against Grandma--that's just mean-spirited. Unlike gymnastics and ice skating, if you don't start in diapers, you're not over the hill. Earl Anthony, arguably the world's best bowler of all time, started at 18, and went on to earn 41 titles.

      Bowling is the largest participation sport in the United States. It's not likely that any fan can walk into Camden Yards, and play three flies up when Cal Ripken finishes up for the night. It's indoors and year-round, so if you enjoy Chicago winters or Phoenix summers, you can still participate regularly.

      Bowling is an individual sport, you can go practice and fine tune your game on your own. It's also a team sport. Get four or five friends together, and join a league. Is there another sport where you can "test-drive" the sport with equipment there at the center? Can you rent golf shoes and clubs for the afternoon so your friends can join you? Bowling can be as laid back or as cut throat as you want to make it. Walk into a center, get your shoes, pick out a house ball and have fun, or plunk down $1100 in a single-elimination tournament bowling against the best of the best.

      I've been bowling for so long, I love it on all levels. I can watch with amusement as a child learns on bumpers, and I can watch with amazement while Parker Bohn executes great shots on his way to a televised 300. So maybe the real answer to "Why bowling?" is that it's everything I want it to be.

Gotta Split,


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